OnePlusThree Phone Review

OnePlusThree phone has come a long way in terms of improvement since it was launched approximately 2 years ago. Watching the trajectory of this magnificent Chinese start up is just like seeing a kid grow to maturity. The release of the third flagship has been quite successful. The OnePlusThree phone has embraced guerrilla marketing tactics OnePlusTwo phone didn’t have


OnePlusThree phone price and release dates

This phone was launched on 14th august 2016m through a Loop VR event that was publicized several weeks ago. It will cost Americans $399 while Canadians will purchase it at $519. Those in the UK will get it at 309 Pounds. In Europe it is being sold at 399 Sterling Pounds

Build Quality and Design

OnePlusThree phone is basically the best piece of hardware that OnePlus ever made. It’s quite light and measures 158 grams .it has an anodized aluminium unibody that is 7.35 mm thick; it also has a minimal design that is very attractive. Its call speaker sits on top of its display together with a front-facing camera that is found on its left. The camera on the left side is also the notification light

There is a finger sensor found beneath the display that doubles up as the home button. Like every front facing censor, you must hold the device with both hands so that you can give your thumb an aim that is accurate. The sensor is extremely fast such that whenever you get it right, it unlocks within 0.3 seconds. The sensor also has a bling quality that has a glossy ceramic construction

OnePlusThree phone display

The phone display measures 5.5 inches; it has a full-HD AMOLED panel that has a dimension of 1080 multiplied by 1920p; this gives it a pixel that has a density of 401pp (this is the same pixel density of its 2 previous generations)

Special Features

This phone has a dash charge that has the ability to charge 60 percent of the phone within 30 minutes. It perfectly does this by moving most of the phone’s management to its adapter; this means that most of its heat generation is kept far away from the phone just like other quick charging set-ups

The dash charge is advantageous in several ways. The first advantage is that it’s quite easy to charge this phone. The second advantage is that its performance is not throttled as much as compared with other charging systems


The OnePlusThree phone comes along with Oxygen OS 3.1.1. If you have never tried it, this is basically a skinned version of the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. It also has a RAM management that is optimized as well as faster game loading speeds


This is the major strongpoint of the OnePlusThree phone. This phone has a great hardware performance. With this phone, you can expect nothing than its raw power. It has an intensive gaming power. It’s the most powerful phone that has ever been tested. Its quad-core has a snapdragon of 820 apart from having two cores that can be clocked at 2.2 GHz. The snapdragon 820 is capable of performing well inside the OnePlusThree phone without the major problems that were experienced by the OnePlusTwo phone .


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