About Me

Welcome to The Blog!

My name’s Joe and Septic Flesh is the place for me to clarify, solidify and share ideas that have been floating around my head about topics that I love.

The internet has changed my life for the better by putting me in touch with virtual mentors, authors and gurus who I never would have heard of otherwise, and I’m and avid reader and passionate entrepreneur.

Basically, I love life 🙂

On top of that I love diving deep into discussions on the topics that I love and breaking them down, analyzing and discussing them. So this is my platform to do this!

My hope is that I can combine different ideas that I’ve absorbed over the years and give new angles on them, and hopefully give some value to others in the community. That’s all I want to do – give value and help people the way my mentors helped me, so enjoy, let me know if there’s anything you want me to deep dive on, and see you on the other side!